Natural Sourced: These superfoods are manufactured from 100% pure and original wild sea cucumber from north Atlantic Cucumaria. The natural sea cucumber grows on the ocean floor at 200+ feet depth.

Premium Quality: Our dried sea cucumber is prepared following the highest-quality standards to provide our customers with a premium quality product. The natural antioxidant is preserved in its original form so that you can obtain maximum benefits from it.

Boost Immunity: The pure and natural health benefits present in these dried sea cucumbers are highly effective in protecting against harmful cells.

High-Nutritious Value: The organic sea cucumber is full of vitamins and minerals beneficial for the human body. With minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B2, and various other beneficial nutrients, it acts as a natural immune system booster.

Healthy Benefits: These immunity-boosting vitamins act as an anti-thrombotic, anti-fatigue, and anti-aging agent and improves your skin health. The dried sea cucumber is a popular superfood to help in conditions like hypertension, arthritis, inflammation, etc.


North Atlantic Cucumaria Frondosa Dried Sea Cucumber(1/2 pounds)-Export, Min 5000lbs

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